Exams with CD or Digital Components

Not all AP Exams are pencil-and-paper exams. Eight exams have different formats.

AP Chinese and AP Japanese

AP Chinese Language and Culture and AP Japanese Language and Culture Exams are CD-based and taken on computer.

AP Art and Design

Instead of taking an end-of-year exam, AP Art and Design students submit portfolios of their work for review to get their AP score. To do this, you’ll upload images of your work to the AP Art and Design digital submission web application and, for some courses, also mail physical artwork to the AP Program.

AP Seminar and AP Research

Your AP score in AP Capstone courses (that is, AP Seminar and AP Research) is based on performance tasks that you’ll complete in class; components that you’ll submit online to the AP Program for review; and, for AP Seminar, an end-of-course exam.

AP Computer Science Principles

Your AP score in AP Computer Science Principles is based on components that you’ll submit to the AP Program online for review as well as an end-of-course exam.

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