AP Statistics Calculator Policy

Important Update

To support students affected by school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re offering at-home testing for 2020 AP Exams. This means changes to some of our processes and policies. Note that these adjustments may not be reflected on all AP Students pages including this one. For the most updated information, visit Updates for AP Students Affected by Coronavirus.

Each student is expected to bring to the exam a graphing calculator with statistical capabilities. See the list of approved calculators. The computational capabilities should include standard statistical univariate and bivariate summaries, through linear regression. The graphical capabilities should include common univariate and bivariate displays such as histograms, boxplots, and scatterplots. You can bring two calculators to the exam.

The calculator memory will not be cleared but you may only use the memory to store programs, not notes. For the exam, you’re not allowed to access any information in your graphing calculators or elsewhere if it’s not directly related to upgrading the statistical functionality of older graphing calculators to make them comparable to statistical features found on newer models. The only acceptable upgrades are those that improve the computational functionalities and/or graphical functionalities for data you key into the calculator while taking the examination. Unacceptable enhancements include, but aren’t limited to, keying or scanning text or response templates into the calculator.

During the exam, you can’t use minicomputers, pocket organizers, electronic writing pads, or calculators with QWERTY (i.e., typewriter) keyboards.


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