AP Art and Design Digital Submission Technical Requirements

You and your teacher must have access to a digital camera and a computer with an internet connection to submit the digital sections of your portfolio.

If you will be accessing the web application from a computer outside your school, see the list of required web browsers. You aren't restricted to specific hardware configurations, though you may experience slower response times when using older computers.

Required Web Browser

Use one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v. 11
  • Firefox v. 41
  • Google Chrome v. 45
  • Safari 8 or below

Requirements and Recommendations for Digital Images

All images must be submitted in JPEG format (file name extension .jpg) and RGB color mode. We recommend that you keep copies of your original images.

There’s a 100-character limit for images, including spaces. When naming images, do not use special characters or symbols.

Recommended Image Sizes

The image sizes below are recommendations. Your image sizes may be different.
Landscape orientation (h x w):

  • Maximum size: 530 x 780 pixels (7.36 x 10.83 inches or 18.69 x 27.51 cm)
  • Minimum size: 480 x 480 pixels (6.67 x 6.67 inches or 16.94 x 16.94 cm)

Portrait orientation (h x w):

  • Maximum size: 780 x 530 pixels (10.83 x 7.36 inches or 27.51 x 18.69 cm)
  • Minimum size: 480 x 480 pixels (6.67 x 6.67 inches or 16.94 x 16.94 cm)

Square images (h x w):

  • Maximum size: 642 x 642 pixels (8.91 x 8.91 inches or 22.64 x 22.64 cm)

Free Disk Space

Based on the maximum file size of 3 MB, you’ll need a maximum of 114 MB of free disk space.

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