Digital Practice for Students with Accommodations

Your approved accommodations on record at the time of practice will be available in digital practice and the app demo if you’re approved for extended time, a break accommodation, or an accommodation that receives an accessible form of the exam. Review the details about the accommodations that receive an accessible form for digital exams on Accommodations on Digital AP Exams.

If you’re approved for extra breaks, extended breaks, breaks as needed, and/or extra and extended breaks, the digital practice and exam demo will include a pause button that you will use to apply breaks.

  • Note: In digital practice and the exam app only, if you pause, the timer will reset to the starting time when you resume practice by deselecting pause. During the actual exam, the timer will resume at the time you pause. For details about how students approved for break accommodations will use the pause feature on exam day, see Digital AP Exam Accommodations Details.

Important: You should complete digital practice using the same assistive technology and computer you plan to use on exam day. This will allow you to see how the exam will work with your assistive technology, so you’re prepared for exam day.

Review the assistive technology instructions as you may need to follow some configuration steps or special instructions depending on the type of assistive technology you’re planning to use.

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