Find Universities Outside the United States That Recognize AP Scores

Use our spreadsheet to find universities outside the United States that recognize AP courses or exam scores when awarding credit and/or placement or making decisions on admission, scholarships, and/or credit for English proficiency.


  1. Download the spreadsheet.

    Go to the "Find International Universities that Recognize AP" page of College Board International and look for a downloadable resource titled “Global Higher Education Recognition of SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP.” Click to download it.

  2. Scroll to the right.

    Once you have the spreadsheet open, scroll past the SAT and SAT Subject Tests columns to see the AP column.

  3. Filter as needed.

    You can filter by type of recognition given (admission, credit/placement, scholarships, English proficiency). You can also filter by university, country, region, and College Board code.