How to Access Your AP Resources

Learn how to access AP resources, including AP Classroom and AP Daily videos, by creating a College Board account and then joining your class section.

How to Join Your AP Class Section

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Keep in Mind

Create your own account.

You can create your own account—you don’t need to wait for your teacher or school.

Stick with one account.

One account works for all AP courses and College Board programs—creating another can make it difficult to access your information.

Make sure we have an up-to-date email.

Sometimes an email address or other information changes. If yours does, please sign in to your account and update the information on file.

Remember you can recover a username or password.

If you forget your sign in—or something else changes—you’ll find solutions on our help page. (Do not create a new account.)


Anyone 13 or older can create a College Board account. Just complete this online form and choose your username and password.

Make sure you create only one account—it’s all you need to manage your AP course, sign in to AP Classroom, access AP Daily videos, and handle other College Board activities. Creating multiple accounts could make it difficult to access your information.

For security, some pages may ask you to sign up or sign in even when you already have an account or are signed in. In these cases, choose sign in.

To sign in, go to the My AP and enter your username and password, or click on the Sign In button located in the top-right corner of most College Board pages.

Visit the Troubleshooting section in Account Help.

If you need additional help, contact AP Services for Students via our online form or call 888-225-5427 or 212-632-1780.

We recommend the latest version of Chrome or Safari. The latest versions of Firefox and Edge are also supported.

Visit Forgot Username? to have your username sent to the email address used to set up your account. If you know your username but not your password, go to Forgot Password?.

  • If we have enough information to verify you online, you’ll be asked a security question. If you answer correctly, you can reset your password and access your account immediately.
  • If we don’t have enough information to verify you online or you wish to bypass the security question, we will email a temporary password. There’s an “Email Me My Password” option on the security question page.

For other problems, visit the Troubleshooting section in Account Help

If you need additional help, contact AP Services for Students.

To update your personal information, including your email address:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click Account Settings. For security, you may be asked to sign in again.
  3. When you're done updating your information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update.

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