AP Around the World

For students considering studying outside their home country, AP can serve as a global credential.

Keep in Mind

AP is recognized in admissions around the world.

Universities worldwide recognize AP when making admission decisions. In fact, AP can be used in admissions in more than 60 countries as success on AP Exams shows readiness for university-level coursework.

AP is recognized for credit and placement around the world.

Qualifying AP Exam scores earn credit, advanced placement, or both in nearly all universities in the United States and Canada and are recognized in over 100 other countries worldwide.

AP courses are available around the world.

Many secondary schools outside the United States offer authorized AP courses. You can also find online providers of authorized AP courses in the AP Course Ledger.

You can self-study for AP Exams.

Thousands of students prepare for AP Exams on their own every year. If you want to take an AP Exam without taking a course at school, though, you’ll have to get help registering for and taking the exam.


Many schools across the world offer AP Exams. If your school doesn’t, and you want to register for an exam, please review the steps to find secondary schools and online schools that offer authorized AP courses to locate an alternate school for testing or take the exams at a local AP test center.

If you are registering for AP Exams in India without access to AP courses in your school, visit AP in India. For students in China, please visit AP in China. You can also find test centers authorized by the AP Program in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore.

Yes. You can’t order AP Exams directly, but you should be able to arrange to take exams at a nearby high school that administers AP Exams. Here’s how.

Your first step is to search the AP Course Ledger. The AP Course Ledger is the official, up-to-date, comprehensive list of schools that have passed the AP Course Audit. You can search by country, state/province, or city to find a school where you might be able to test. After finding schools near you that offer the course or courses you want to take exams for, do an internet search for the school’s main phone number. Then call and ask to speak with the school’s AP coordinator to ask if the school is planning to allow homeschooled students to test there this year.

The deadline for exam ordering will be extended to March 12 for any students unable to find a school to order an AP Exam for them by November 13. In early 2021, we will share details about a contingency testing option for students unable to test in a school.

Note that schools may have their own local deadlines and policies for receiving requests from outside students to test at their school—particularly this year during the ongoing pandemic—so you’ll want to give yourself as much time as possible to contact schools. Updates will be made to the Course Ledger for 2020-21 in November, so if you still need to find possible schools, you can check the Ledger again in November to see any schools in your area were added.

When you find an AP coordinator able to administer your AP Exam(s), they are responsible for ordering your exam materials, telling you when and where to report for the exams, and collecting the exam fees.

Yes. We recommend taking the AP course before taking an AP Exam—but it’s not required. We want to be sure homeschooled students and students in schools that don’t offer AP can take AP Exams.

You will have to arrange to take the exam at your school or, if your school doesn’t administer the exam, at a local school or testing center that administers it. See The AP Exam I want to take isn’t offered at my school. What should I do? and I’m homeschooled. How can I take an AP Exam? for details.

To prepare for the exam without taking the course, you should study the skills and content outlined in the course and exam description for your subject, which you can find on the specific course page. For most courses, this document also explains how your knowledge of the course content and skills is assessed on the exams.

Get to know the exams by reviewing free practice questions. The AP Program releases the free-response questions every year for exams that have them. We also offer free-response questions from past exams along with sample student responses and scoring guidelines so you can see why a real exam taker got the score they did.

Note: AP Seminar and AP Research are exceptions. Only students whose schools offer the AP Capstone program can enroll in AP Seminar or AP Research and submit performance tasks and/or take the AP Seminar End-of-Course Exam.

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