How to Sign Up for an AP Course

You sign up for AP courses through your school, not through the AP website. Start by checking out these instructions.

Are you already signed up for an AP course? Your next step is to join your class section online. You should do this at the beginning of the school year.

Explore Resources to Help You Choose Your First or Next AP Course


  1. Explore AP courses.

    Start at the AP Courses and Exams page to get an overview of each course and exam. You can also see what courses pair well together and view the most popular courses by grade.

  2. See if your school offers the course.

    Not all AP courses are available at every school.

  3. Talk to your counselor or your teacher about signing up.

    Your teacher or counselor will be able to tell you how to sign up and what to do to prepare for the AP course you’re interested in. Before you meet with your teacher or counselor, download and fill out the AP Conversation Starter.


    AP Conversation Starter in Other Languages

    Download the AP Conversation Starter in languages other than English.

  4. Explore free AP resources.

    Once you’re signed up for an AP course, there are free AP resources to help you prepare for exam day.