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2024 AP Daily: Practice Sessions

Access these 15-minute videos for most courses* that focus on practicing and preparing to answer free-response and multiple-choice questions on AP Exams. 

*Practice sessions will not be available for AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, AP Drawing, AP Research, AP Seminar, or AP world language and culture courses. 

AP Daily Live Review

AP Daily: Live Review

Watch recordings from previous school years that review a wide selection of course content and skills on AP Exams.

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Watch these short videos anytime to build content knowledge and skills in your AP course.

The Benefits of AP Daily Videos:

  • The videos can be accessed from any device with internet access. 

  • All videos have searchable transcripts to easily find content you want to review.

  • AP Daily videos are led by experienced AP teachers who cover all required course content for AP Exams.  

  • You can access AP Daily videos even if your teacher isn’t using AP Classroom. 

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What Students Are Saying


"The AP Daily videos were really helpful for me because they were taught by experienced AP teachers and they helped me learn the exam content, as well as build some exam-taking skills.” 

Jade, AP Alum



How to Watch AP Daily Videos

Learn how to access AP Daily videos in AP Classroom.