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You may be able to earn awards and recognitions for your achievements in AP.

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Keep in Mind

You can earn accolades.

AP awards and recognitions are academic distinctions that you can include on your résumé and college applications.

You can share your achievements.

Most AP awards are listed in AP score reports, and students who earn one can view and print it from their online account. Awards are also included in any AP score report sent to colleges.

Find details on qualifying on this site.

Students can earn AP Scholar Awards through their performance on AP Exams. Some schools offer programs through which students can earn these other distinctions: AP Capstone awards, the AP with WE Service recognition, and the AP + PLTW student recognition.


If you’ve earned one or more AP Scholar award, AP Capstone award, or AP with WE Service Recognition this year, they will be listed on your score report starting mid-July, with the exception of the State AP Scholar award which is announced mid-August. You will receive an awards notification by email. AP + Project Lead The Way Student Achievements are also awarded once a year in the fall.

Just send colleges your official AP score report. Awards are listed on any AP score report that is sent to colleges after the award has been granted.

You can view and print your certificate online—sign in to the AP score reporting system.

If you are a State AP Scholar, your printed award certificate is also sent to your state's superintendent of education for distribution.

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