Qualifying for the AP with WE Service Recognition

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AP with WE Service is a service-learning AP program available to all AP teachers. In the AP with WE Service program, your teacher guides you in connecting a service topic to what you are learning in your AP course. You’ll then plan and complete a service project.

To earn the recognition, you must:

  • Investigate and learn about a service topic tied to your AP course.
  • Plan for and complete a service project (this can be done in teams, as a class, or individually).
  • Meet expectations on all 4 rubric categories as assessed by your teacher.
  • Take the AP Exam for the course.

If you qualify for the AP with WE Service Recognition, you or your team may be eligible to apply for the AP with WE Service Scholarship, a scholarship made possible by The Allstate Foundation. Students and teams can be nominated only by their AP with WE teacher.


If you’ve earned an AP Scholar award, AP Capstone award, or AP with WE Service Recognition this year, they will be listed on your score report starting in July. You will receive award notifications by email. 

Send colleges your official AP score report. Awards are listed on any AP score report that is sent to colleges after the award has been granted.

Only students who take the AP Exam in the corresponding AP with WE Service course in the same year earn the recognition. AP with WE Service Recognitions will be awarded later this summer. You will receive an awards notification by email. If you took the exam but didn’t earn the recognition, please contact AP Services at 888-225-5427 (toll free in the United States and Canada) or 212-632-1780.

Some scores take longer to process due to later testing or other circumstances. If a score is not yet available when scores are released, you will be notified when it becomes available and is added to your score report. Any awards you qualify for based on the new score will be added to your score report within 2—3 business days.

Colleges and universities make their own determination on how to acknowledge the recognition. We encourage all students to discuss their AP with WE Service participation on their college and university applications.