What’s Next?

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Important things to remember:

  • In the rare event of a technical error or incomplete submission, your teacher may send your portfolio back to you with recommendations on how to correct the submission. If this happens, it's up to you how to address the recommendations and resubmit your portfolio to your teacher. If you want to have the portfolio submitted to the AP Program for scoring in its current state, you should reconfirm all images and written evidence are present in your portfolio as you intended, and forward the portfolio back to your teacher (or coordinator if applicable).
  • After forwarding your portfolio, you'll no longer be able to make changes unless your teacher returns the portfolio to you. You’ll still be able to view the Portfolio Progress Navigation menu on the My Portfolio page, which will display the status of your portfolio as it moves through the rest of the submission process. (A status of Sent to AP means that your school's AP coordinator has completed the final step of submitting your digital portfolio for evaluation.)
  • For 2-D Art and Design and Drawing, you’ll also work with your teacher or AP coordinator to mail your physical Selected Works to the AP Program.

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