AP College and Career Connections: Computer Science

Interested in computer science? Check out these opportunities.

Take Steps Toward Your Future

The AP Program has partnered with industry leaders including Amazon, Facebook, and Google to offer scholarships, paid internships, and other opportunities to high school and college students interested in computer science. These opportunities could help you:

Build Skills

Develop your skills in computer science and technology by immersing yourself in an internship or experiential opportunity.

Get Financial Support

Earn a college scholarship to support your study of computer science.

Make Connections

Through internships and experiential opportunities, build relationships with mentors and colleagues who can support and guide you in your career.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this scholarship. It will give me a head start paying for college and keep my student loans down. The internship after my freshman year is an opportunity to get invaluable real-life experience in the technology field and provides another way to explore computer science in an environment where I can learn and grow.

2019 Amazon Scholarship Recipient


Amazon and Google fund college scholarships for students interested in computer science and related fields. See if you’re eligible and apply below.

Amazon Scholarship

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Amazon offers a college scholarship worth up to $10,000 a year, plus a guaranteed summer internship. Open to current and former AP computer science students graduating from high school who intend to study computer science in college and students majoring in computer science or a closely related field, with a focus on female and underrepresented minority students.

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Generation Google Scholarship

Google offers a scholarship worth up to $10,000 for students majoring in computer science or a closely related field, with a particular focus on female and underrepresented minority students.

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CyberStart America

CyberStart America offers students the opportunity to qualify for training scholarships offered by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation. Open to all students interested in computer science, CyberStart’s gamified platform with hands-on labs helps students develop the technical and cybersecurity skills that are desired and recognized by employers.

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Internships and Experiential Opportunities

AI4ALL offers multiple ways for students to learn more about careers in computer science and related fields, develop their skills, and build relationships in the business community.  

AI4ALL Summer Programs

AI4ALL offers summer programs in artificial intelligence (AI) with top colleges and universities for current high school students. Many of these opportunities are free; for those that are not, there is substantial financial aid available.

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Email the AP Program with any questions about these opportunities. Please note that applying for an opportunity does not guarantee that you will receive it.