Do I need to enroll in a class section in My AP if I’m homeschooled?

If you’re homeschooled and want to take an AP Exam, you’ll need to arrange to take the exam at a local school that administers them. The AP coordinator at the school will help enroll you in an “exam only” section in My AP. Here’s how to find a school that administers AP Exams.

Your first step is to search the AP Course Ledger. . The AP Course Ledger is the official, up-to-date, comprehensive list of schools that have passed the AP Course Audit. You can search by country, state/province, or city to find a school where you might be able to test. After finding schools near you that offer the course or courses you want to take exams for, do an internet search for the school’s main phone number. Then call and ask to speak with the school’s AP coordinator to ask if the school is planning to allow homeschooled students to test there this year.

The deadline for exam ordering will be extended to March 12 for any homeschooled students unable to find a school to order an AP Exam for them by November 13. In early 2021, we will share details about a contingency testing option for students unable to test in a school.

Note that schools may have their own local deadlines and policies for receiving requests from outside students to test at their school—particularly this year during the ongoing pandemic—so you’ll want to give yourself as much time as possible to contact schools. Updates will be made to the AP Course Ledger for 2020-21 in November, so if you still need to find possible schools, you can check the Ledger again in November to see if any schools in your area were added.

When you find an AP coordinator able to administer your AP Exam(s), they are responsible for ordering your exam materials, telling you when and where to report for the exams, and collecting the exam fees.