Watch AP Daily Videos

AP Daily videos can help you stay on track and support you as you complete your coursework this school year.

These short, searchable videos are created by AP teachers to help you build knowledge and skills across all units in your AP course. You can watch these videos anytime, anywhere, even if your AP teacher isn’t using AP Classroom in their course assignments.

The videos cover the required content and skills for all courses. All courses have videos available now. When you sign in, you’ll see your course outline matched with related AP Daily videos.

How to Watch AP Daily Videos

Sign in to My AP.

Sign in to My AP using your College Board account username and password.

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Click the Go to AP Classroom link.

Once you’re in My AP, look for AP sections you’re enrolled in and click the Go to AP Classroom link.

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View AP Daily videos.

On your AP Classroom Course Resources page, click any AP Daily video link to watch a video. If your teacher has assigned a video for you to watch, it will appear in your “to-do” cards at the top of the screen.

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Look in Assignments.

When teachers assign videos or assessments for you to complete, you will see them under My Assignments.

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