Step 1: Download and Install the 2021 AP Digital Exam Application

When to complete this step: Now.

If you’re registered for a digital AP Exam, you must download and install the AP digital testing application on your testing computer.

Go to Download Page

Follow the directions on the download page to install the app on your testing computer.

Once the AP digital testing application is on your computer, open it and log in with your College Board username and password. You’ll be asked to accept the Exam Terms and Conditions. If you’re able to log in, you’ve successfully completed the first step!

If your computer is managed by your school—meaning, they control what software can be added to the computer—they’ll either push the AP digital testing application to your computer or let you know how it can be downloaded and installed.

Note: Even if you’re planning to take a paper and pencil AP Exam, it’s a good idea to complete this step, in case you need to take the digital version of the AP Exam as a makeup exam (if available).


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