Step 2: Practice with Example Questions in the Digital Testing Application

When to complete this step: After you’ve downloaded the application and before your digital exam. Digital practice will roll out over several days. It will be added to the app starting April 8 and will be available for all digital exam subjects by April 12.

The best part about completing step 1 is that you’re able to access digital practice for each of your AP Exams. Here’s why we strongly recommend practicing using the digital testing application:

  • You’ll see each type of multiple-choice and/or free-response question on your exam.
  • You’ll get to preview the pre-exam steps (exam setup and check-in), as well as the directions, screens, tools, features, and reminders you’ll see on exam day.
  • You’ll be able to confirm that your testing computer and any approved assistive technology works as expected before exam day.

There are two practice options available for each digital exam subject:

  • Digital Practice: A longer option you can use to fully explore the app.
    • Includes 9–20 multiple-choice questions and (for most exams) a full-length free-response section
    • Copy of responses and answer key/scoring guidelines are available after completing practice
  • App Demo: A shorter option you can use to quickly confirm that the app is correctly installed, that questions display properly, and that you can enter answers.
    • Includes 3–5 multiple-choice questions and 1–2 free-response questions
    • No answer key

The example questions assess content from the first half of the course. 

How to Access and Take Digital Practice

  • Open the digital testing app, click Practice, and go to the Active Practice tab. You’ll see the practice options available for your exams.

Students will have two options to practice for each exam: an app demo that has fewer questions, and a digital practice that has more questions.

  • Click the Start Exam Setup button for the practice option you want to take and move through the exam setup screens—when you see the video, make sure to hit the play button.
  • After you complete exam setup, return to the home screen and click the Check In Now button for the practice option you want to take. Move through the check-in screens.
  • When you are done with check-in, you’ll see a screen with a countdown timer. When the time expires, your practice questions will automatically begin.

What you see will match what you’ll see on exam day, however, there are fewer questions and the break is shorter. We encourage you to explore the app during practice, including the Help content, tools, and features.

Note: Your computer will be locked for the duration of the practice option you choose. You won’t be able to open an internet browser, cut and paste text outside of the application, etc., including during transitions between parts and breaks between sections. If you need to access these functions before the end of practice, you can exit practice by clicking More and then Exit. You can return to practice by re-opening the app. You can reset practice in My AP if you wish to retake the same set of questions.

When you’ve finished Digital Practice, you can go to My AP to access a copy of your responses and the multiple-choice answer key and free-response scoring guidelines. Note: Taking the App Demo after completing the Digital Practice may override your answers from Digital Practice.

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Resetting Digital Practice

If you want to retake digital practice, go to My AP and click the relevant Reset Digital Practice link.


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