Submitting Makeup Digital Exam Requests in My AP

The ability to request a makeup digital exam will be available in My AP beginning May 18   (the first day that digital exams begin to be administered).

You may submit a request for a makeup digital exam if:

  • An issue occurred during your digital exam that impacted your ability to test.
  • An unexpected situation prevented you from being able to take your digital exam on the scheduled exam date.
  • You didn’t start check in before the official start time for the exam and were therefore unable to test.
  • Your exam responses were unable to successfully submit to the AP Program after repeated attempts to submit.

Deadline: If you want to request a makeup digital exam, you must do so through My AP as soon as you know you need a makeup digital exam. Requests must be submitted no later than 7 calendar days before the makeup digital exam you want to take.

Note the following:

  • Important: All makeup digital exam requests that are approved as of the deadline of 11:59 p.m. ET 7 calendar days before a scheduled digital exam date will be processed. Requests that are pending as of this deadline will be automatically approved and processed.
    • Once makeup exam requests are approved and processed, your previous exam won’t be scored, even if you don’t ultimately sit for the makeup exam.
  • If you know in advance that you won’t be able to test on their scheduled exam date, don’t submit a makeup request through My AP. Instead talk to your AP coordinator about whether a later exam date is available.
  • Digital makeup exam requests are subject to review by your AP coordinator.
  • Makeup digital exam requests can only be submitted if you were registered for a digital exam. If you want to know about makeup exam options for a paper AP Exam or an AP Chinese or AP Japanese Exam, talk your AP coordinator to find out what options might be available.

How to submit a makeup digital exam request

  • Sign in to My AP
  • Click Place Request under Request Makeup for the appropriate course
  • Click Request a Makeup from the pop-up window

    STUDENT View: My AP homepage with the Request Makeup/Place Request text visible for a course
    A note will indicate the makeup request has been received.

    STUDENT View: My AP “Request Makeup Makeup request Received status shown for a subject

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