Request Exam Accommodations

You can work with your school’s SSD coordinator to request accommodations for taking your AP Exams.

If you have a documented disability that affects how you test, you may be eligible for accommodations on the AP Exams such as:

  • Braille exam format
  • Assistive technology–compatible (ATC) exam format
  • Large-print exam format
  • Extended time
  • Extra breaks
  • Large-block answer sheets
  • Permission to use a computer for typing essays
  • Permission to use a magnification device (electronic or non-electronic)
  • A human reader to dictate questions
  • A writer/scribe to record responses
  • A written copy of oral instructions

Accommodations are also available if you plan to take a digital AP Exam. For instance, if you’re approved for extended time, you’ll receive a digital exam with the appropriate amount of time automatically applied; if you’re approved for a human reader, you’ll receive a digital exam compatible with screen reader software. Talk to your AP coordinator and SSD coordinator if you have questions about how your approved accommodations will work for a digital AP Exam.

In order to receive accommodations, you or your school’s SSD coordinator must request them from College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.

Below is an overview of the accommodations process. Visit SSD Accommodations on College Board Exams for details.


  1. Determine if you’re eligible.

    Most students who receive accommodations in school receive the same accommodations for College Board exams. Speak to your school’s SSD coordinator to determine if accommodations will be needed.

  2. Ask your school to request accommodations for you.

    Your school’s SSD coordinator will be able to place the request for you via our online portal. You are your own best advocate for ensuring that you receive the testing accommodations you need. Discuss your needs with your SSD coordinator as early as possible before the deadline and be sure to confirm with them that everything has been submitted. They’ll be able to alert you when your request is approved.

    To submit a request without your school’s involvement, visit Requesting Without Going Through the School for details, and download this PDF form.

  3. Provide documentation, if requested.

    The online system will alert your SSD coordinator to what documentation is needed to process your request, if any.

  4. Confirm your status.

    Your SSD coordinator will alert you when your request is approved.

  5. Bring verification of your accommodations to the exam.

    If you have an approved exam accommodation, be sure to bring your SSD Eligibility Letter from College Board with you to every exam.

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