What can I do if my school doesn’t offer AP Computer Science Principles, or if I decide to study independently without taking an AP CSP course?

If your school is not planning to offer AP CSP next year, talk to your counselors and teachers to advocate for the course.

You can study independently to take the AP CSP Exam, but due to the nature of the course and the exam, we recommend, if possible, that you find another high school in your area or an online program that will enroll you in its AP CSP course. You can complete the required components of the course by submitting the Create performance task as final in the AP Digital Portfolio and taking the AP end-of-course exam.

If you plan to study independently instead of participating in an AP CSP course, we recommend that you take these steps.

Confirm with the AP coordinator at your school or a participating AP school:

  • Will the AP coordinator provide you with all the necessary information and directions for enrollment and submission of work in the AP Digital Portfolio?
  • Will the AP coordinator order and administer the AP end-of-course multiple-choice exam?

Review the course page to understand what you need to know to perform well in an AP CSP course and exam.

If possible, find a teacher who can mentor you through the course.

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