AP Statistics

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About the Exam

The AP Statistics Exam will test your understanding of the mathematical concepts covered in the course units, including your ability to use statistical methods and calculate the probability of an outcome. You’ll need to bring a graphing calculator with statistics capabilities to the exam.

Exam Duration

Exam Date

Tue, May 7, 2024

12 PM Local

AP Statistics Exam

This is the regularly scheduled date for the AP Statistics Exam.

Exam Components

Section 1: Multiple Choice

40 questions 1hr 30mins 50% of Score

The multiple-choice section assesses:

  • Your understanding of content from all 9 units of study
  • Your ability to apply all 4 course skills

The section includes individual questions or sets of questions based on a shared prompt.

Section 2: Free Response

6 questions 1hr 30mins 50% of Score

In the free-response section, you’ll respond to six questions, including one investigative task, with written answers. This section will test your skill in communicating explanations or justifications using evidence from data, definitions, or statistical inference.

Part A:

  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on collecting data
  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on exploring data
  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on probability and sampling distributions
  • 1 question with a primary focus on inference
  • 1 question that combines 2 or more skill categories

Part B:

1 investigative task that assesses multiple skill categories and content areas and asks you to apply your statistical skills to new contexts or in nonroutine ways

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