Submit AP with WE Service Project Work in the AP Digital Portfolio

Your AP with WE Service teacher might ask you to submit your student workbook and service portfolio to them through the AP Digital Portfolio. If that’s the case, follow the instructions on this page. If your teacher asks you to submit your work in a different way, ignore this page and follow your teacher’s instructions.

Submit Your Work in the AP Digital Portfolio


  1. Sign in to AP Digital Portfolio.

    Go to the AP Digital Portfolio and sign in using your College Board login information.

  2. Go to your class.

    From the dashboard, navigate to your AP with WE Service course.

  3. Choose the performance task.

    Select the Student Workbook or the Service Portfolio.

  4. Upload the file.

    Click Upload New and select the correct file from your computer.

  5. Continue to work on your file with your teacher, as needed.

    Once you’ve uploaded a document, it will be available for you and your teacher to download. You do not need to submit your work as final. If you need to replace the document with a newer version, you can upload again.