Submit AP Seminar Work in the AP Digital Portfolio

Submit Your Work in the AP Digital Portfolio

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In order to have your performance tasks scored, you’ll submit digital files to College Board using the AP Digital Portfolio. You’ll submit your Individual Research Report (this is part of Performance Task 1) and your Individual Written Argument (part of Performance Task 2).


Sign in to AP Digital Portfolio.

Go to AP Digital Portfolio and sign in using your College Board username and password.

Go to your class.

From the dashboard, navigate to your AP Seminar class.

Choose the performance task.

Select the Individual Research Report or Individual Written Argument.

Upload the file.

Click Upload New and select the correct file from your computer.

Do a final review of your work.

Once you submit your file as final, you won’t be able to make any changes to it unless your teacher sends it back to you.

Attest to the originality of your work.

Check the box to affirm that your work is your own and that you understand AP Capstone policies on plagiarism and related issues.

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