Late Testing

2021 AP Exam Update

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In 2021, there are updates to the exam dates and available testing options. Review details about this year’s updates.

Schools make all decisions about which exams are offered. Your AP coordinator will let you know which testing options and dates are available for your school this year.

As always, if something unexpected happens that prevents you from taking the AP Exam on the date you were scheduled for or you want to take exams that are scheduled for the same time slot, you can talk to your AP coordinator about taking an exam on a later date.


Students can’t choose an exam date on their own. Your AP coordinator will tell you which testing options (paper or digital) and exam dates are available for your school this year and let you know what steps you need to take.

If two of the exams you want to take are scheduled for the same time, ask your AP coordinator for information about taking one of the exams during the late-testing period. You may still register for both.

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