Request Rescoring of Your Multiple-Choice Answer Sheet

If you’re concerned that your score is not accurate because of a scanning or processing error, you can request that the AP Program rescore your multiple-choice answer sheet by hand. (We don’t rescore the free-response section.) After we rescore, we combine the resulting multiple-choice score with your free-response score.

  • If this new score is different from the original score, the new score—whether it’s higher or lower than the original score—will automatically be sent to all your score recipients.
  • AP Services must receive your rescore request by October 31 of the year you took the AP Exam.
  • You will receive a letter confirming the results of the rescore 6–8 weeks after your request is received.


Download and fill out the AP Multiple-Choice Rescore Service Form.

Fill out the form with your information, including which exams you want to request the multiple-choice rescore service for, and sign it.

Have a form of payment ready.

The fee to rescore is $30 per exam. Payment methods include mailing a check or money order or faxing your credit card information.

Send the form and payment.

Mail or fax the form and payment to the appropriate address below.

If you’re paying by check or money order (payable to College Board):
The College Board
P.O. Box 21535
New York, NY 10087-1535

If you’re paying by credit card:
AP Services
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
Or fax 610-290-8979

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