AP Art and Design Program

Learn about the course and portfolio for AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing.



In an AP Art and Design course, you’ll develop the skills that artists and designers use and create a portfolio of work you’ll submit for an AP score.

The AP Art and Design Program includes three different courses and portfolio exams:

AP 2-D Art and Design AP 3-D Art and Design AP Drawing

The Skills You’ll Learn

In an AP Art and Design course, you’ll practice and develop these skills:


Investigating the materials, processes, and ideas that artists and designers use


Practicing, experimenting, and revising as you create your own work


Communicating your ideas about works of art and design

Your Goal for the Course

Your Goal for the Course

You’ll create a portfolio of college-level work and submit it for evaluation (instead of taking a year-end paper-and-pencil AP Exam). A qualifying portfolio score can earn you college credit and/or advanced placement.

Want to see examples of portfolio submissions? Check out the 2020 AP Art and Design Exhibit, which showcases outstanding artwork created by students for the May 2020 exam.

Your Portfolio Requirements

Your Portfolio Requirements

All three AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams contain two sections: Sustained Investigation (60% of total score) and Selected Works (40% of total score).

Review the Sustained Investigation and Selected Works section overviews for guidance on building your portfolio.

Requirements for the three courses differ slightly.

Your Portfolio Process

Take these steps to build your portfolio and submit it for scoring.

Check Portfolio Policies

Learn about important rules and guidelines to follow when developing your portfolio.

Read the Policies

See the Sustained Investigation Overview

See the Selected Works Overview

Plan Your Portfolio

Use the timeline to help you complete and submit your portfolio by the deadline.

View the Timeline

Submit Your Portfolio

You’ll submit images of your work online. For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, you’ll also work with your teacher or AP coordinator to mail physical work to the AP Program.

See how digital submission works.

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