AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based

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About the Exam

Exam Overview
The AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based Exam will test your understanding of the scientific concepts covered in the course units, as well as your ability to use algebra when solving problems related to Newtonian mechanics, energy, and more.

You can use a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator throughout the exam, and you will be provided with tables of commonly used physics equations and formulas.

Exam Duration

Exam Date

  • Thu, May 11, 2023,
    12 PM Local

    AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based Exam

    This is the regularly scheduled date for the AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based Exam.

Exam Components

50 Questions 1hr 30mins 50% of Score

  • Questions are either discrete questions or question sets, in which students are provided with a stimulus or a set of data and a series of related questions.
  • The section includes 5 individual multi-select questions (2 options are correct).

5 Questions 1hr 30mins 50% of Score

This section contains 5 free-response questions of the following types:

  • Experimental Design (1 question)
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Translation (1 question)
  • Short Answer: Paragraph Argument (1 question)
  • Short Answer (2 questions)

Exam Preparation

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