Digital Submission 

Several AP courses include components that need to be submitted digitally to be scored by the AP Program. You’ll upload and submit your work through a secure web application. 

Keep in Mind

Six AP courses require digital submission.

Courses that have components that you must submit digitally for scoring include all three AP Art and Design courses, AP Seminar, AP Research, and AP Computer Science Principles.

This site offers guidance on preparing your work.

For information about creating the work (that is, your portfolio, performance tasks, or other assessment components), see your course page.

This site will offer instructions on submitting your work.

The digital submission process is changing in 2019-20. Information will be posted here as soon as it’s available.


When you first enroll in a class section in My AP, you’re assigned a unique eight-digit alphanumeric code that serves as your official AP identifier for the exam administration. We use this code, called your AP ID, to associate you with your scores. 

Starting in school year 2019-20, the AP ID you receive is permanent. You’ll use it for any AP Exams you take, any year.

When you take your exams, you’ll be given a personalized AP ID label sheet. This will contain bar-coded labels with your AP ID printed beneath. You’ll affix a label to your answer sheet and exam materials; this connects you to your exam materials.

If you are accessing your AP Exam scores from 2019 or earlier, you may be asked to verify your AP profile when you sign in to your online account. If this happens, you’ll have to enter your AP number for that year. This is different than your AP ID. (See What is an AP number and where can I find it?)

You can access your AP ID by signing in to My AP, navigating to My AP Profile, and then going to the Registration tab. Your AP ID links all your exam materials to you. You will be asked to label all your exam materials with your AP ID. For AP Art and Design courses, you’ll need your AP ID to complete your portfolio sections in the AP Art and Design Digital Submission web application and submit them to your teacher.

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