AP Art and Design Portfolio Policies

Follow these guidelines as you build and submit your portfolio:

  • See the detailed instructions for your portfolio type listed in the current AP Art and Design Course and Exam Description and the AP Art and Design Portfolio Requirements. If you don’t follow the instructions, your score report will have a message saying that your score is based on an incomplete or otherwise irregular portfolio. 
  • Your portfolio may include work you’ve done during this school year or previously, in class or out of class. 
  • All work in your portfolio must be work created only by you; collaborative works or group projects may not be submitted. 
  • If you submit work that makes use of photographs, published images, and/or other artists’ works, you must show substantial and significant development beyond duplication. This may be demonstrated through manipulation of the formal qualities, design, and/or concept of the original work. 
  • Submit digital images for the sections that require them. Physical work sent for these sections won’t be evaluated.
  • Each portfolio exam must be unique; do not submit the same work (or details of the work) in more than one portfolio exam.
  • Label all images, including dimensions and media. (If you want to include a title or other text, add it after the media.)

It’s unethical, constitutes plagiarism, and often violates copyright law to copy a work of art (even in another medium) that was made by someone else and represent it as your own. 


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