Send Score Reports Online Anytime

You get one free score send every year you take AP Exams. If you want to send additional score reports or send a score report after the free score send deadline, you can do so online anytime for a fee. If you’re a senior sending scores to get credit or placement from your college, check your college’s deadline for receiving scores.

Send Your Scores


  1. Decide on standard or rush delivery.

    Decide if you need rush delivery to get your scores to your college before its deadline. Standard delivery takes about 7–14 business days, while rush delivery takes about 5–9 business days.

  2. Have a credit card handy.

    Standard delivery is $15 per report; rush delivery is $25 per report.

  3. Sign in to the system.

    Sign in to our online score reporting system using your College Board account. 

  4. Send your scores.

    Click Send AP Scores and follow the instructions.