Send Score Reports Online Anytime

You get one free score send every year you take AP Exams. If you want to send additional score reports or send a score report after the free score send deadline, you can do so online anytime for a fee. If you’re a senior sending scores to get credit or placement from your college, check your college’s deadline for receiving scores.

Send Your Scores


  1. Decide on which college or scholarship program you want to send your scores to.

    Search colleges you’re interested in or planning to attend to find out about their credit and placement policies.

  2. Have a credit card handy.

    The fee is $15 per report and delivery takes about 5-9 business days.

  3. Sign in to the system.

    Sign in to our online score reporting system using your College Board account. 

  4. Send your scores.

    Click Send AP Scores and follow the instructions.

    Score reports include both this year’s and past AP Exam scores, along with certain demographic information about you and other information you provide during testing. Colleges, universities, and scholarship programs that you send your scores to may use your information to contact you about admissions and educational, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. We also share with your school and district the names of the organizations you choose to send your AP Exam scores to.