Use Your Free Score Send Before the Deadline

Every year that you take AP Exams, you can send one score report for free to the college, university, or scholarship organization of your choice. Score reports include both this year’s and past AP Exam scores.

If you’re heading to college in the fall, using your free score send is the best way to make sure your college gets your scores in time to award you credit and/or placement. And if you’re a high school junior, sophomore, or freshman, using your free score send can help you stand out to the college you send your scores to—it shows the college your early interest.

Use Your Free Score Send


  1. Sign in to My AP.

    Sign in to My AP using your College Board account.

  2. Select My AP Profile.

    Select the link for My AP Profile.

  3. Select the Score Send tab.

    Click on the tab that reads Score Send.

  4. Find the college or university you want to receive your scores.

    Start typing in the name of your college or university. When it appears on the list, select it and hit Save.

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