AP Computer Science Principles

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All About AP CSP

In AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP), you’ll learn how to creatively address real-world issues while using the same tools and processes that artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life.


Opening Doors for All Students

Computer science is everywhere, from our smartphones and video games to music, medicine, and much more. AP CSP can help you understand how computing and technology shape the world around you.

Why AP CSP Is for You

Hear from students who took this course and find out how it can benefit you as you prepare to own your future, your way.

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Learn to Build Real-World Solutions

You don’t need an advanced understanding of coding; AP CSP is an introductory-level course meant for all students. A school year studying computer science will help you learn and grow by applying your ideas to create real solutions.

Gain confidence in your problem-solving abilities

Learn skills you can apply to a wide range of fields and interests

Stretch your creativity as you bring your own ideas to life

Work with your classmates to build better programs

Have products you can share to show how much you’ve learned

Explore ways to help your community through technology

What Students Are Saying

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The Tools to Succeed

It’s about using the skills you’ll learn to solve real-world problems, often working as a team. A home computer is not needed, and schools are required to provide students with access to computing devices to complete the course.

  • Create apps to track health data and provide real-time suggestions for ways to live healthier.

  • Program models and experiments that help answer biology, physics, and sociology questions.

  • Design and build robots for use in fields like manufacturing, surgery, research, and transportation.

  • Create tools that people can use to collect money for causes they care about.

What You’ll Do in AP CSP

Comparing AP Computer Science Courses

You have the option to take either of the AP computer science courses or both. Check out the differences below.

Computer Science A

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming and problem solving using the Java language.

  • Develop skills for future study or a career in computer science or other STEM fields.

  • AP score comes from one end-of-course exam with two sections: multiple choice and free response.

Computer Science Principles

  • Learn how computing impacts the world and computing basics like problem solving, programming, cybersecurity, and working with data.

  • Broaden your understanding of computer science for use in a variety of majors and careers.

  • AP score comes from two components: one in-class Create performance task with four written response questions on the end-of-course exam and one end-of-course multiple-choice exam.

How AP CSP Is Unique

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See Where AP Can Take You

AP Computer Science Principles can lead to a wide range of careers and college majors

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Inspiration and Opportunities

Explore organizations and programs designed to help all students in their computer science journey.