AP Computer Science Principles

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About the Exam

The AP Computer Science Principles Exam has two parts: the Create performance task—which you’ll complete over the course of the year and submit online for scoring through the AP Digital Portfolio—and the end-of-course multiple-choice exam. Both measure your proficiency in and grasp of the course practices and content, and both contribute to your final AP score on a scale of 1–5.

New for 2022-23: Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools and Other Services

Students are prohibited from using any and all Artificial Intelligence tools (e.g. ChatGPT or DALL-E) or essay writing services (e.g. Chegg or Course Hero) in any AP assessment work. Read more about our policy.

Exam Dates

  • Mon, May 1, 2023, 11:59 PM EDT

    AP Computer Science Principles Create Performance Task Due Date

    You must submit your final AP Computer Science Principles Create Performance Task as final via the AP Digital Portfolio by this time.

  • Mon, May 8, 2023,
    12 PM Local

    AP Computer Science Principles Exam

    This is the regularly scheduled date for the AP Computer Science Principles Exam.

Exam Components

12hrs 30% of Score

For this part of the exam, you’ll develop a computer program of your choice: one that solves a problem, enables an innovation, or helps you express personal interests.

You’ll be given a minimum of 12 hours of in-class time to complete the task. You’ll submit these items through the AP Digital Portfolio application for scoring:

  • A video of your program running
  • Individual written responses about your program and development process
  • Program code

2hrs 70 multiple-choice questions, 4 answer options, 70% of Score

The end-of-course multiple-choice exam is a paper-and-pencil written exam. It contains three types of multiple-choice questions:

  • Single-select multiple-choice: You select 1 answer from 4 options
  • Single-select with reading passage about a computing innovation: You select 1 answer from 4 options.
  • Multiple-select multiple-choice: You select 2 answers from 4 options

How We Score Your Work

The Create performance task, like the end-of-course exam given in May, is scored by College Board. The scoring is done by trained, experienced educators called AP Readers.

Exam Preparation

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