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About the Exam

Important: Because of school closures due to COVID-19, we’re offering at-home testing for the 2020 AP Latin Exam as well as free resources to help you prepare. For more details, visit the 2020 AP Coronavirus Updates AP Latin exam page. Note that any related adjustments to 2020 AP Exams, such as length or content covered, may not be reflected on all AP Students pages.

The AP Latin Exam will test your understanding of the Latin literary concepts covered in the course units, as well as your ability to translate Latin texts into English.

Exam Duration

Exam Dates

  • Tue, May 12, 2020,
    12 PM ET

    AP Latin Exam

    May 12 is the updated 2020 date for the AP Latin Exam.

Exam Components

50 questions 1hr 50% of Score

  • This section tests your understanding of the poetry and prose readings covered in the course, as well as your ability to read at sight.
  • Questions also require you to relate the Latin texts to Roman historical, cultural, and literary contexts.
  • You’ll see these 4 types of questions:
    • Syllabus reading: Vergil (10–12 questions)
    • Syllabus reading: Caesar (10–12 questions)
    • Sight reading: Poetry (13–15 questions)
    • Sight reading: Prose (13–15 questions)

5 questions 2hrs 50% of Score

The two-hour time limit for this section includes a 15-minute reading period. The free-response section includes three types of questions:

  • 2 translation questions: Vergil (1 passage) and Caesar (1 passage). You’ll be asked to literally translate a short passage from the required readings.
  • 1 analytical essay question: You’ll be given 2 passages in Latin from the required readings and asked to write an essay analyzing their linguistic and literary features through a comparative analysis.
  • 2 short-answer questions: Vergil (1 passage) and Caesar (1 passage). You’ll be given a passage from the required readings and be asked to answer a series of 5–7 questions based on the passage.

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