Top 10 Reminders for Digital Testing

Review the reminders for digital testing below, and check out 2021 Digital AP Exams Troubleshooting in case you have technical issues before, during, or after your exam.

Before each digital exam:

  1. Know your username and password: If you checked the Remember Me box when you first logged in, you don’t need to reenter your username and password each time you return to the app. (But keep a copy of your username and password in case you need to log in before or on exam day.)
  2. Load your exam 1–3 days before each test: For each digital AP Exam you take, you must complete the exam setup step in the digital testing app. This step loads your exam onto the computer you’re going to test with. Completing this step is required 1–3 days before each exam. Without taking this step for each exam, you won’t be able to test.
  3. Don’t switch computers after loading your exam: On test day, you must test on the same computer you already loaded that exam onto.  
  4. Check your computer clock and your laptop battery: The clock on your computer needs to accurately reflect your local time zone. You should also check your laptop battery and ensure your device is plugged in. If you see a "low battery" message, and you've confirmed that your device is plugged in, you can ignore the message and continue to test.
  5. Check in 30 minutes before each exam—no late starts permitted: On exam day, you must open the app and begin the check-in process 30 minutes before the official start time of the exam—at 11:30 a.m. EDT for 12 p.m. exams and 3:30 p.m. EDT for 4 p.m. exams. If you try to check in after the exam start time, you won’t be able to test. It’s also a good idea to restart the digital testing app before your digital AP Exam, especially if you haven’t in a while. Do this with plenty of time before you check-in, and make sure you know your username and password so you can log back in.
  6. Don’t exit the app, and stay connected: Once you check in, don’t exit the exam app or disconnect from the internet until your exam is over. If you exit the app to check social media or other websites while waiting for the exam to start or during breaks, you may not be able to resume testing. You must be connected to the internet for your exam to start; once your exam has started, you can continue testing even if you briefly lose your internet connection.
  7. Close all other apps: Only the exam app should be running while you test. If you don’t close other apps—e.g., email, Zoom, Google docs, internet browsers, etc.—they may cause notifications to appear, the exam app to stall, or slow down your typing.

During each digital exam:

  1. Keep your laptop open: Closing your laptop at any point during the exam, including during the break, is prohibited and will disrupt your exam by putting your device to sleep. If you close your laptop at any point during the exam, your score may be cancelled and/or you may need to take a makeup exam.
  2. Type your responses into the testing app: You won’t be able to handwrite and photograph your responses, or type them in a Google doc and then cut/paste them into the testing app. All responses must be typed directly into the digital testing application or they won’t be scored.
  3. Your response is saved in the app: Don’t worry if you don’t see your response after the exam ends—your work was autosaved when the exam concluded. Look for the confirmation screen that says “Congratulations!”

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