Accommodations on Digital AP Exams

This page is about accommodations for digital exams. To learn more about taking digital AP Exams, go to AP Digital Testing.

If you have a College Board–approved accommodation, it will apply to your digital exam. Some accommodations might work a bit differently on the digital exams than if you were taking a paper exam.

Before Exam Day

  • Before the exam, it’s very important to practice using the digital testing application, especially if you plan to use any kind of assistive technology to take your exam. You’ll need to make sure before exam day that any technology you plan to use with the exam will work as expected. Review details about digital practice and practice with accommodations.
  • Work with your school’s AP coordinator and SSD coordinator to confirm the accommodations you’ll use for digital AP Exams. If there are any accommodations that you don’t plan to use for the digital exams, your AP coordinator will need to submit a request to waive your accommodations for your digital exams. And if you need an accommodation you’re not already approved for because you’re planning to test with a digital exam instead of a paper exam, your SSD coordinator will need to submit any requests for new accommodations as soon as possible.

    If you’re planning to use assistive technology or devices, work with your AP coordinator and SSD coordinator to ensure your computer or device is configured properly for the digital AP Exam. Review instructions about assistive technology.
  • During the setup process for your exam, which you’ll complete 1–3 days before each digital exam you’re scheduled to take, you’ll see a personal information screen which will list your approved accommodations if they’re delivered through the digital testing application. Accommodations that are delivered through the digital testing app fall into these categories:
    • Accessible Form
    • Breaks
    • Extended Time: Time and One-Half (+50%)
    • Extended Time: Double Time (+100%)
    • Extended Time: More than Double Time (>+100%)
  • Accessible Form will be listed on your personal information page if you’re approved for one or more of the following accommodations, and if you’re approved for these accommodations you can use applicable assistive technology for your exam:
    • Assistive Technology
    • Assistive Technology Compatible Test Form
    • Braille with Raised Line Drawings, Contracted
    • Braille Writer
    • Raised Line Drawings
    • Human Reader
    • Pre-Recorded Audio (MP3 via Streaming)
    • Writer/Scribe to Record Responses
  • Other types of accommodations that aren’t delivered through the digital testing app (e.g., permission for food/drink/medication) won’t be listed on your personal information page. You can use other accommodations you’re approved for as you typically would.

    You might not see all accommodations listed that you’re approved for, because not all accommodations apply to all exam subjects and not all accommodations are delivered through the testing application.
    • For example, if you’re approved for extended time for math only but are taking a digital AP Art History Exam, you won’t see extended time listed for that exam. If you’re approved for use of medication, that won’t be listed because that accommodation isn’t delivered through the testing application.

On Exam Day

If you’re approved for an accommodation that’s delivered through the digital testing application—extended time; additional breaks; or an accommodation that gets an accessible form of the exam—your digital exam will be enabled with the appropriate accommodation(s). If you’re approved for large print or screen magnification, you’ll be able to use the zoom function in the testing application to enlarge content on screen.

If you have approved accommodations that aren’t delivered through the testing application (e.g., permission for food/drink/medication) you’ll use them as you normally would during the exam.

If you’re testing in school, your AP coordinator will let you know what time and where your exam will be administered.

Types of Accommodations

If you’re approved for accommodations from the College Board SSD office and are planning to take any digital AP Exams, review the details in this section about the types of accommodations available for digital AP Exams.


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