Assistive Technology

Some types of assistive technology have special instructions to ensure they work with the digital AP Exams. If you’ll be testing with assistive technology, follow the instructions for your device or software before doing digital practice or using the app demo, and on exam day before you check in for your exam.

Any approved assistive technology you use when you’re online should still work during the exam. If you use assistive technologies (AT), such as screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, ChromeVox, ZoomText Fusion, etc.)  to interact with a standard web browser, the same commands can be used to navigate through content in the digital exam. The exception to this would be if you use a web-based assistive technology or a browser extension.

Open or start your assistive technology device or software before you open the digital testing application for practice and on exam day. On exam day, adjust any necessary settings before you start checking in to your digital exam. Exceptions are noted when configuration is not required ahead of the exam.

Important: The best way to test exam compatibility with assistive technologies is to do digital practice or use the app demo on the computer you plan to use for your exam(s) with the assistive technology enabled and set to the preferred configurations.

The accommodations listed in this table will be delivered as an Accessible Form for the 2021 digital AP Exams and students approved for these accommodations can use assistive technology.

Accommodations with Accessible Form and AT Devices
Approved Accommodation Examples of Approved AT Devices

Human Reader

Screen Reader

Writer/Scribe to Record Responses

Speech-to-Text, Braille Display

Pre-Recorded Audio (MP3 via Streaming)

Screen Reader or Text-to-Speech

Braille with Raised Line Drawings, Contracted

Screen Reader, Braille Display, etc.

Raised Line Drawings

Screen Reader

Braille Writer

Screen Reader, Braille Display, etc.

Assistive Technology

Screen Reader, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Braille Display, other approved AT devices

Assistive Technology Compatible Test Form

Screen Reader

If you have questions about the accommodations you’re approved for, talk to your school’s SSD coordinator.


If settings need to be configured for the assistive technology you plan to use, you’ll need to complete configuration steps before you open the digital testing application for practice and before checking in on exam day. On exam day, once you start checking in, you won’t be able to adjust settings because the digital testing app locks your computer.

Configuration steps should be taken each time you do digital practice or use the app demo, and on exam day before check-in at each exam you take using assistive technology.

Using Assistive Technology

Review details about the following types of assistive technology and features:

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