Overview of the Digital Submission Process

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If you're taking an AP Art and Design course and you’re registered for the AP Art and Design Portfolio Exam, you'll use the AP Digital Portfolio to submit your portfolio components as final to the AP Program.

Portfolio Requirements and Policies

As you work on your portfolio, be sure you’re familiar with the portfolio requirements and policies and the 2022-23 Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools and Other Services. Also, review the AP Art and Design technical requirements to make sure your images meet the requirements and recommendations for the AP Digital Portfolio.

Sustained Investigation and Selected Works

The Art and Design Portfolio Exam consists of two sections: Sustained Investigation (60% of total score) and Selected Works (40% of total score). The Sustained Investigation section has two components: Images and Written Evidence. The Selected Works section has one component: Works.

In the AP Digital Portfolio, you’ll need to submit these three portfolio components as final (Sustained Investigation Images, Sustained Investigation Written Evidence, and Selected Works) through the AP Digital Portfolio by the May 5, 8 p.m. ET deadline for your portfolio components to be scored by the AP Program.  

Portfolio Components 

  • Sustained Investigation Images: Upload 15 images and identify the dimensions, materials, and processes used.  
  • Sustained Investigation Written Evidence: Respond to two prompts about your sustained investigation.  
  • Selected Works: Upload images of 5 works and identify the ideas, materials, processes, and dimensions. 
    • 2-D Art and Design and Drawing: 5 images of 5 works 
    • 3-D Art and Design: 10 images of 5 works (2 views of each) 

You are responsible for submitting the portfolio components as final by the AP Program submission deadline. However, your AP teacher (or AP coordinator if you’re not working with a teacher), will set an earlier deadline for you to submit your work. This will give them time to review your work ahead of the May 5, 8 p.m. deadline.  

Returned Portfolio Components

In rare instances of technical errors, your teacher may return a portfolio component to you through the AP Digital Portfolio with recommendations to make changes. If this happens, you’ll need to resubmit your portfolio component in the AP Digital Portfolio by May 5 for the portfolio component to be sent to the AP Program for scoring.  

Review the pages of this guide for complete details about uploading and submitting your work to the AP Program.