Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

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Along with uploading images of your work for the Sustained Investigation section, you’ll write and submit answers to prompts about your work and your creative process.


1. Open the Written Evidence tab.

While you’re in the Sustained Investigation section, open the Written Evidence tab. 

2. Respond to the two prompts by typing your response into the fields.

Enter your answers to the two prompts:

  • Identify the inquiry that guided your sustained investigation.
  • Describe ways your sustained investigation developed through practice, experimentation, and revision. 

Note: Your written evidence is limited to 600 characters per response, including spaces.

3. Remember to save changes before leaving.

To return to viewing your images in the Sustained Investigation section, click the Images tab, but be sure to select Save first.

4. Come back to this tab to view or edit your written evidence.

You can edit your responses any time before you submit this portfolio component as final.

Written Evidence


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