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For information on how to create and choose artwork for this portfolio section, visit Sustained Investigation Overview.

The Sustained Investigation section has two tabs: Images and Written Evidence. You can start uploading images in the Images tab as soon as you have set up your access. We recommend that you start uploading as soon as you can, so both you and your teacher (or AP coordinator) can monitor the development of your portfolio. You can always delete, add, or rearrange images later.

Important things to remember:

  • Click Save Changes in the upper right before exiting or switching from one portfolio section to another.
  • While your digital portfolio is in progress, your teacher and/or AP coordinator will be able to view it from their accounts, but they won't be able to make any changes to your work.


Choose the Images tab.

Click on the Images tab. You'll see a template containing boxes with fields for information.  

Upload File.

To upload an image, choose a box in the template and either drag your image into the box or click Upload File.

Important when naming images: There's a 100-character limit for images, including spaces. Don't use special characters or symbols in the names of your image files.

Enter the materials and processes below the thumbnail.

You must identify the following for each image:

  • Materials used (100 characters maximum, including spaces).
  • Processes used (100 characters maximum, including spaces).
  • Size (height x width [x depth, if applicable], in inches). For work that is flat, enter 0 for depth, if applicable. For images that document process or show detail, enter NA for size. For digital and virtual work, enter the size of the intended visual display.

You can see the full-sized image.

Click the thumbnail if you’d like to open a full-sized view of the image.

Replace or remove images as needed.

To replace an image of a work, drag and drop or click Upload File and select the new image file for the work. To remove a work entirely from your Sustained Investigation section, including the materials and processes below the thumbnail, click the red minus sign above the thumbnail.

Rearrange images as needed.

To rearrange your images, change the number in the top left corner of any image that you want to move to a new position in the template. (The number you enter represents where you want the image to be relocated within the template.) You'll also need to adjust the rest of the numbers to complete the sequence.

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