Your AP 2020-21 School Year

This school year may look different, but the AP Program is here to support you whether you’re learning at home, at school, or both. Once you’ve joined your AP class section online, you can access free online resources anywhere, anytime.

Explore Resources in AP Classroom

AP comes with digital tools to help you build college knowledge and skills all year long.

AP Daily

Access short, searchable videos on every topic in every unit for targeted support to help you build knowledge and skills.

Personal Progress Checks

Get real-time feedback on the topics and skills in each unit as your teacher unlocks progress checks. Use your results to pinpoint misunderstandings and create your own study plan.

Progress Dashboard

Check your progress dashboard to see your progress across multiple units. Celebrate your successes and then focus on the areas where you can improve.

See How to Access AP Daily Videos

AP Daily videos are available for all AP courses organized by unit. Get directions on accessing and using the videos.

Important Dates

  • 2020


    AP Daily Videos for Units 1–6 Available

    Take advantage of AP Daily videos for Units 1–5, available now in AP Classroom, with Unit 6 coming soon.

  • 2020


    Use AP Classroom Resources

    Complete any assignments from your teachers in AP Classroom and view your personal results so you know what to focus on.

  • 2021

    FRI, JAN 15, 2021

    Deadline to Request Testing Accommodations

    Requests for testing accommodations must be submitted by this date.


The Benefits of AP

High school students across the country and around the world take AP courses and exams to challenge themselves, explore their interests, and earn college credit and placement. AP can give you:

A Head Start in High School

Get a taste of college-level work while developing the academic skills you’ll need for college success. You might even discover your career path.

An Edge in College

Your AP Exam scores can earn you college credit before you set foot on campus—and let you skip introductory college courses.

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Credit & Placement

Search AP Credit Policies

Find colleges that grant credit, advanced placement, or both for AP Exam scores.

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