Your AP 2020-21 School Year

We know that school is different this year—but taking AP offers the same benefits as always. And AP courses come with free online resources to help you learn.

What AP Students Should Know

We’re here to support you whether you’re taking AP courses this year online, in a classroom, or both.

Colleges Recognize AP

AP courses cover content found in introductory college-level classes. That’s why your AP scores can earn you college credit or placement in higher level classes when you arrive on campus.

Get Free Online Support

Our free online resources in AP Classroom, including the new AP Daily videos, support online and in-person learning. Access them from anywhere, on any device.

You Can Test No Matter What

If health and safety conditions allow, your school may provide in-person testing—and if not, that’s OK. We’ll offer options so all students can test, even if school buildings are closed. More information will be available in early 2021.

Join Your Class Section

Use a phone, tablet, or computer to sign in above and join your AP courses with the join code your AP teacher shares, so you can get feedback on your progress and register for AP Exams.

New: AP Daily Videos

These short, searchable videos, created by AP teachers from across the country, cover the content and skills you’re studying in class. Watch them in AP Classroom anytime, from any device with internet access.

AP Daily videos are available for all AP courses, and all students who join an AP class section (including an exam only section) can access them in AP Classroom when they sign in to My AP.

AP Daily

More AP Classroom Resources

Check with your teacher to see how you can use these other AP Classroom resources alongside your coursework this year.

Topic Questions

Questions that check your understanding to give you immediate feedback on any misunderstandings.

Personal Progress Checks

Assessments unlocked by your teacher to assess what you know and can do after each unit. Use the results to create a study plan.

Your Progress Dashboard

A dashboard that shows your progress over time, so you can see your progress unit to unit.

Important Dates

  • 2020


    Choose Your AP Courses for Next Year

    Now’s the time to start thinking about which AP courses you want to sign up for next fall. We have tools to help you choose.

  • 2021

    JANUARY 2021

    Join Your Second-Semester AP Class Section Online

    If you’re taking any AP courses that start in the second semester, use the join code your AP teacher gives you to join your class section in My AP.

  • 2021

    JANUARY–MAY 2021

    Use AP Classroom Resources

    Complete any assignments from your teachers in AP Classroom and view your personal results so you know what to focus on.

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